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One question that is commonly asked is, what is JOC?  Job Order Contracting or JOC, is a project delivery method utilized by organizations to get numerous, commonly encountered construction projects done quickly and easily.  These projects can be renovation, repair, or minor construction projects.  JOC is commonly used to clear deferred maintenance backlog (painting, flooring, roofing, etc.) perform rapid response recurring project needs, and construct renovation projects.

A Job Order Contract is a competitively bid, fixed price, multi-year construction contract based on established or published unit prices via a unit price book (UPB) or a price list with a multiplier (termed coefficient) applied to the unit prices. The unit prices are used to price construction tasks associated with the scope of work.  The contract is an IDIQ or indefinite delivery indefinite quantity contract for on-call construction services.  It is important to note, that since JOC contracts are competitively bid, they fulfil purchasing requirements in regards to having to take projects out for bid.

Another question that is commonly asked is, what is the JOC process? Below is an overview on how the JOC process works.

  • Customer/Property Owner identifies renovation or repair project(s) that need to be completed.
  • These can be multiple projects that are started at the same time or a single project.
  • Customer/Property Owner and Gerloff Company agree on the scope of work.
  • The Gerloff Company estimating team will walk the project with the customer and identify exactly what the customer wants to complete. Gerloff Company will then develop a complete scope of work and detailed line-item estimate for completing the job order and present it to the customer for authorization prior to starting the project.  Together we will review the estimate and scope of work and make any changes, if required, to accommodate the customers schedule, budget, and goals.
  • Customer/Property Owner issues a Purchase Order.
  • Once the scope of work and estimate are agreed upon, customer issues a purchase order for the project and signs the Gerloff Company authorization form.
  • Gerloff Company begins and completes project.
  • Gerloff Company begins working on the project following the scope of work all while keeping the customers goals and budget in mind.

Job Order Contracting is a great construction method for public entities to utilize to get projects done quickly and most importantly within budget. The Gerloff Company specializes in working expeditiously and without a dedicated set of plans.  With our years of experience, we can assist customers in the planning, material selection and value engineering of any remodel/renovation project.  Projects such as painting, roofing, flooring, classroom additions, interior upgrades/updates and general remodeling are examples of where the Gerloff Company can provide value to customers.

If you have any questions on Job Order Contracting, the process, or have a project that you would like to have the Gerloff Company look at please feel free to reach out to Derek Gerloff at  Until next time my friends, be prepared and stay safe.

Reference: “What is JOC” by Center of JOC Excellence